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    M— Our story started in spring 2011. Our life together started in summer 2013.

    T— That’s right. There was a two-year chase—one of salacious secrets, impulsive drives, and endless college student poetry. I will be the first to admit that we embodied every art major cliché when we first met as undergraduates. I mean you studied photography in Santa Barbara and I studied Creative Writing in Long Beach. What first drew you to me?

    M— I just remember always being impressed with you. From what I knew, you didn’t make excuses for things, you put your school work and responsibilities first but somehow kept a balance between that and your social life. You were also just adorable. Really adorable.

    T— So were you drawn to me from day one?

    M— I was. Okay, same question – why were you first drawn to me?

    T— I was also always impressed with you, I’ll admit. You were, and still are, the most knowledgeable person I know. Your wit challenged me; and you made me feel adored, like I was a whole different kind of important to you, even before we were together. Looking back, I think there was an unspoken attraction obvious to everyone who saw us together, wouldn’t you say?

    M— Definitely. We were never exactly subtle about it.

    T— Not our strong suit, for sure. So, moving the story forward a bit. We went out for coffee a few times and fell in love sometime in the summer of 2011 but didn’t really start dating. We chased each other for a long time. I remember spending so many hours of my week talking to you on the phone.

    M— I’d call you after class from the car or from home. Sometimes to vent, sometimes just to hear your voice.

    T— Yeah, I’m not usually one for long phone calls, but I loved spending most of 2012 on the phone with you. What did we even talk about?

    M— Everything. Just… everything.

    T— Yup, our shared love for the same writers, TV shows, movies, our lives. Everything, but our feelings for each other.

    M– It took us going to opposite ends of the world on our own trips for us to realize that too many things had been left unspoken.

    T— Yes. 2013 began with lots of travel and revelations. The chase finally ended when you went to China, and I traveled to India after graduating with my Bachelor’s degree. The perspective shift that travel brings suddenly had us unabashedly speaking the truths we both knew but hadn’t shared.

    M— And then when we were back in California, we met for coffee in San Francisco to catch up as friends after too long apart. When we said our goodbye there, I knew I never wanted to say goodbye again.

    T— Aw! And then you came over for dinner, met my parents for the first time, and took me out on our first official date like a gentleman.

    M— Yup, we watched The Great Gatsby.

    T— And now I get to bring you to my first home, to Noida, and introduce you to the people who raised me. I cannot believe we will be married in India, in the city where I grew up!

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